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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Visitors and students

We welcome students and visitors at Brooklands. All are encouraged to learn about our specialist expertise in the school environment, the process of teaching and learning and in particular the way in which we value our pupils. We believe that positive two-way links with our local community benefit us all. Students  and visitors are encouraged to participate in teaching and learning activities at Brooklands under the guidance of the school staff.  We acknowledge that each individual brings to the school a different perspective and a differing amount of experience in working with children with learning disabilities. We are pleased to share our expertise and to learn from others.



The student’s tutor will normally approach the school in the first instance (however, many students contact the school independently – if this is the case – contact with the organisation must be made to confirm the intent of the placement). Following this the student may contact the school directly. All student placements including nursing students are directed through the Deputy Headteacher. The tutor will clearly state how much supervision and assessment is required. Students are interviewed and are given guidelines and details of the school, a guided tour and any assignments they have will be discussed.


A class placement is decided by the Deputy Headteacher after consultation with the teachers. So that students gain the maximum from their placement and that staff are not overburdened with supervision, there should never be more than one student in any class at one time.

Students generally gain more if they stay in one class for the duration of their placement although for a longer placement e.g. 4 weeks, their time may be spent in more than one class.


Students who have a relative at Brooklands will be placed in a different class group.

Students are expected to participate in all activities as opposed to observing (except for specific project purposes) and are expected to share in the full range of classroom tasks, which may include clearing tables and assisting in aspects of physical care, as well as taking part in the learning process. Students will not  participate in intimate personal care.  Students should never be left alone with the pupils.


The Deputy Headteacher, in conjunction with the class teacher, will monitor the progress of the student throughout the placement. The student will be closely supervised and receive guidance and support. In particular we are sensitive to the emotional feelings that students may encounter when working at Brooklands and understand that this experience may not be for everyone. The class teacher will formally evaluate the student’s work at the end of the placement and the Deputy Headteacher will keep a brief reference about the student’s suitability and the support etc from the referring institution. The student’s own tutor will normally visit or contact the school during the work experience.


Tutors will book appointments through the Deputy Headteacher, making it clear what they intend to do e.g. talk to the teacher, student or make an observation. This will ensure that the times are mutually convenient and that the student and/or teacher are available on site. The student is expected to fill in an evaluation form at the end of their work experience in order that our future procedures can be improved as necessary. This is monitored and reviewed by the Deputy Headteacher.



Large groups of visitors who wish to visit Brooklands should request this well in advance. In such cases the group will receive a brief talk from the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher before being split into smaller groups to visit some classrooms. As the classes are small in size and in number it is difficult to accommodate more than one or two visitors at any one time and on any one day. Tours of the school will give a flavour of life at Brooklands and are unlikely to take in every class or room.


All visitors, including workmen, should sign in as they arrive and sign out as they depart due to Fire regulations. They should read the visitors Health and Safety booklet and wear a visitor badge, available from the reception desk.


A member of school staff will generally escort visitors around the school building. Other staff should not feel obliged to talk to visitors unless specifically asked to.  In this way it is more likely that visitors will actually see the school at work.


If you are interested in undertaking a student placement at the school or visiting us please contact the school office.

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