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Brooklands School

Poppy Class

In Poppy Class we have 12 pupils. Poppy Class have a mixture of Nursery and Reception aged pupils (3-5 years). We follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and adapt it to the individual needs of each child, as well as incorporating the Brooklands Red Pathway Curriculum. 


At this early developmental stage of the children’s learning, it is important to nurture their play, preferences and choices. We use a range of communication methods such as gesture, body language, verbal communication, Symbols, Object of Reference and Makaton signing.


Within Poppy Class we are settling children into a new learning environment. Staff nurture and facilitate the child’s desire to learn through play, as well as provide adult led learning opportunities that widen their world. 


We have 1 teacher, 2 Lead Teaching Assistant's, 5 Teaching Assistant's and 1 Midday Supervisor.


If you need to contact us our email is:  





Autumn 1 - All About Me - ( New school & class, me and my family, face-eyes and ears, face-nose and mouth, My body-feet and hands, Autumn.)

Autumn 2 - All Change- (Fireworks, changing colour, materials, Winter and Christmas Celebrations)

Spring 1 - Modern Classics 

Spring 2 - Transport and Travel 

Summer 1 - On the Farm

Summer 2 - Under the Sea and At The Beach


Spring 2

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