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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Frog Class

There are seven children in Frog Class and we are all boys. We are based at Wray Park. We follow the Brooklands Green Curriculum pathway which you can read about on the "Green Curriculum" page. 


We have one full time teacher and one teacher two days a week, with the great support of a lovely LTA and a TA. 


Frog class use a variety of methods of communication including Makaton signs, symbols, switches and voices. Some of us also use high tech devices to support our communication. 


Communication is very important to us in Frog's class, we are always working to improve using strategies such as attention autism, intensive interaction and other methods to support our engagement and attention and develop our social and interaction skills. 


Frog's class love being at school and our favourite activities include sensory stories, what's in the box, messy play and number work. If you want to see some of what happens in Frog's class, please see our timetable and photo's below. 


If you would like to contact us then our email address is: 

Frog Class Timetable

Topic: I wonder where you live? Learning about different habitats around the world. 

Hooks: Arctic and Antarctic, Jungle and Rainforest, Ocean and seaside, Garden and Pond (minibeasts), Forest and Woodland, Desert, Easter. 

Below are some pictures of Frog class children enjoying learning through work and play

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