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Music Therapy

Brooklands Music Therapy


Brooklands Music Therapy is delivered by Nordoff-Robbins, the UK's leading private music therapy provider. Music therapy sessions take place for a range of pupils, both individually and in groups. Our therapist, Kwaku, is an expert musician who is absolutely dedicated and passionate about the benefits of music therapy for children with learning difficulties. The key to the success of this approach is that it employs music as a medium to help develop pupils by:


  • Improving physical health and ability
  • Addressing emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Developing communication and social skills
  • Increasing creativity, self-esteem and confidence


Brooklands Music Therapy Referral Procedure


  • Our therapist, works 1 day per week and offers up to 6 slots in that working day
  • Therapy offered is based on the individual needs of pupils through a referral process
  • Therapy is set at a minimum of 1/2 a term per pupil/ group to ensure value of experience, allowing the development of meaningful working relationships between the MT and pupils, and secure progre
  • There is a waiting list system in place to ensure new referrals receive therapy once the current client cycle has expired
  • Parents can contact the MT regarding a referral directly via email
  • The therapist, teacher or parent/ carer can instigate a referral for a given child
  • A request for MT can be denied through dialogue with the MT if the pupil need is not considered sufficient
  • The referral process consists of at least 2 assessment sessions with the pupil. Following this, if therapy is to commence in full, the parent will complete a referral form which is returned to AHT Gary Hilton
  • The MT keeps weekly session records which teachers and parents have access to via AHT Gary Hilton
  • The MT also complies a discharge report on termination of therapy


Music Therapy Referral Criteria


The following criteria are considered when deciding whether a referral is necessary:

  • Social interaction
  • Turn taking
  • Experience of self in the company of others
  • Waiting, sharing
  • Listening skills
  • Awareness of self
  • Weak communication
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Social difficulties
  • Helping the children to express themselves when they don’t have the words or know how to
  • Promote purposeful play
  • Emotional and/or behavioural issues


Music therapy can assist with all these issues and a child can be referred for 1 or a number of reasons—therapy will be based on the individual child and what they bring to the sessions












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