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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Key Stage 2 Results

Pupils at Brooklands do not take part in formal assessments at Key Stage Two but are assessed in a range of ways from EYFS to Year Six. This enables us to monitor the progress our children make and ensure we do not put a ceiling on what our children can achieve.


At the end of Early Years Foundation Stage pupils are assessed against Early Learning Goals, and at the end of Key Stage One (Year Two) and Key Stage Two (Year Six) pupils are assessed against pre-key stage standards. This is submitted to the Local Authority.


The assessment systems we use in school are all explained clearly on our Rainbow Curriculum overview which can be found on the 'Our Curriulum' page. .

Progress is monitored internally and externally.


Internally we monitor progress through:

  1. Regular leadership team monitoring
  2. Internal moderation within and across learning pathways 
  3. Termly governor link days


Externally progress is monitored through:

  1. Moderation with other schools
  2. Surrey LA school improvement visits
  3. The support of our external education consultant
  4. External bought in health checks


Assessment systems we use include:

  • B squared - Early Steps
  • B squared - Engagement steps
  • B squared - Progression steps
  • B squared - Autism progress
  • Evisense
  • Curriculum journals (Points of Progress)
  • Read Write Inc assessments


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