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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Canary Class

There are seven children in Canary Class, six girls and one boy. We follow the Brooklands yellow curriculum which you can read about on the "Yellow curriculum" page. 


We have a teacher, two part time LTAs and four TAs to help us to learn.


Most of the children in Canary class use high tech AAC devices to communicate but we also use symbols, some signing and our voices.


Our favourite thing in Canary class is music and we have music focussed learning activities throughout the week.


If you would like to contact us then our email address is;

Topic: Lights, Camera, Action! Learning about film, TV, concerts and theatre.  

Hooks: Theatre and film, Documentaries, Music and Artists, Concerts and Festivals, TV.

Below are some pictures of Canary class children enjoying learning through work and play.

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