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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Blue Pathway

Blue Pathway
Applying & Generalising core skills


  • A holistic approach, with a more formal structure to learning
  • Transferring skills into the community
  • Pupils are more independent in recognising how to self-regulate
  • Includes subject specific lessons within cross curricular activities
  • Applying independence skills in a wider range of situations
  • Access to regular integration opportunities
  • Extending and generalising skills
  • Communicating more spontaneously with less adult support
  • ​​​​Pupils are better able to share engagement and attention as part of a group or whole class.


All of our curriculum pathways are taught through cross-curricular themes on a 3-year rolling programme and are life-skills based, whilst showing progression in skills from EYFS to the end of key stage 2.


Our Curriculum Intent underpins everything we teach at Brooklands. These are our curriculum pillars.

  • Have a purpose driven life
  • Keep the World Wide
  • What they can be is what they must be

We have also worked closely with our local Special Secondary School partners to ensure it is an intent that underpins the curriculum from the age of 2 to adulthood.

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