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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Bluebell Class

There are nine children in Bluebell Class, 6 boys and 3 girls. We follow the Brooklands Blue curriculum which you can read about on the "Blue curriculum" page. 

We have a teacher, 1 HLTA and 4 Teaching Assistants to help us to learn.


Each week we plan a themed “hook”. This is our short term planning which incorporates the overarching topic, the IPP targets of the class and makes use of the interests of the individual pupils. It is really important that we plan exciting and interesting activities and lessons in order to grab the attention of our children and sustain the learning. We always endeavour to offer our children an irresistible invitation to learn.


All staff use a range of total communication methods that will enhance pupil’s communication and language needs. These strategies may include: the use of simple and clear speech, intensive interaction, objects of reference, PECs, ALD boards and Makaton signing.


The children in Bluebell class are very sociable and are working hard on their social and independence skills. Our mornings are predominantly spent learning Phonics (following our RWI programme) and Maths. In the afternoons, we really enjoy Swimming, P.E and community times where we can learn new skills such as House keeping, Tag Rugby or Makaton signing.

We also love exploring outdoors, listening to our chapter book and dancing to GoNoodle.


If you would like to contact us please do using our email address;

Topic: Lights, Camera, Action

Hooks: Theatre and Film, Documentaries and Factual TV, Music and Artists, Concerts and Festivals, TV Broadcasting and Presenting, Inventions and Inventors.



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