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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Giraffe Class

There are 7 children in Giraffe class, 3 girls and 4 boys. We have a teacher and 5 assistants to help us to learn.


We have been working hard on our total communication in class using a mix of talk, signing, symbols, vocalisation, switches and speaking devices. 


We follow the yellow curriculum and therefore learn through exploration and stimulating our senses.  We enjoy group learning with short, sharp and 'irresistible' input.  We all enjoy music and instruments in the class, and this is a great way to focus our learning. 


You can contact us using our class email address;

Topic: Going on a journey

Hooks: 1.Journey back in time 2. Journey into Space 3. Journey into Town

4.Journey to the Countryside 5.Journey to the Coast 6. Journey in the Jungle and we will end the year with 7. Feel Good Week and learning about 8. Summer Wellbeing.

Giraffe Class May 2023

Giraffe class

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