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Primary Sport Premium Funding

During the academic year 2015-16 Brooklands spent £8905.82 of sports funding which was spent on hiring a professional sports coach with a specialism in SEN PE to deliver curriculum sessions, a lunch time club and an after school club. The curriculum sessions were allocated based on a  rota system so that all classes who needed  additional input in PE received a 10 week block.  Sessions were led by the Sports coach who worked along the class team to improve their PE teaching skills. The lunch time club was aimed at pupils who are achieving below expected progress, focusing on key skills they are struggling with.  The after school club was an inclusive multi-ability sports sessions aimed at improving PE participation for all pupils.


  • During the autumn term 2015 – 18 pupils benefited from specialist PE curriculum sessions, 2 pupils benefited for the lunch time club and 6 from the after school club
  • During the spring term 2016 – 13 pupils benefited from specialist PE curriculum sessions, 2 pupils benefited for the lunch time club and 5 from the after school club
  • During the summer term 2016 – 14 pupils benefited from specialist PE curriculum sessions, 4 pupils benefited from the lunch time club and 7 from the after school club


Some funding was spent on SEN cycling sessions run by the YMCA. These were focused on primary classes and are inclusive of need. Overall there has been a significant increase in cycling ability for those pupils involved. We are also using sports funding to continue hiring a specialist trampolining coach who runs 1:1 sessions for our more physically able primary aged pupils.


Additionally we spend a small sum on essential PE equipment.



Primary Sports Premium 2016 (PSP) Summary


Total Sports Premium for 2016-17 – Approx. £8000




Breakdown of how funding is spent


Impact on participation


Hire specialist PE coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE and providing extra PE lessons


£4500 per year





Pupils benefit from expertise of SEN specialist PE coach

Sessions will be tailored to fit in with class topics if possible

All abilities are included - impact measured through learning walks and observations and pupil progress data linked to individual targets


Staff gain valuable insight into specialist methods, approaches and activities which they can team teach and then deliver independently following period of coached sessions 

Hire PE coach to deliver Lunch-time sessions for specific abilities


(Gary Marlow also delivers an after-school school which is mixed ability)



£2200 per year

Pupils access extra PE input

Groups will be ability/ sport specific based and will be run on a half termly rotation

All abilities will be included – Advanced and PMLD - impact measured through pupil progress data linked to individual targets


Links are forged with expert SEN PE coaches which can then be developed into further projects such as forest schools

Engaging the least active pupils

Paying staff or external sports coaches to run competitions, or to increase pupils’ participation in national school games competitions

£400 per year

Pupils benefit from experiencing internal and external competition events – involving integrating with other classes and schools - impact will be measured through termly pupil reports

The success of events will embed and provide guidance for future events – expanding competition

Attainment in PE has increased throughout the academic year 2015-16


In October 2015: 27.5% of pupils were achieving above expected progress

By June 2016 this figure had increased to 64% of pupils achieving above expected progress


Year 6 pupils Levels of progress Physical Education KS1- KS2 2016


3 + levels                  33%    
2+ levels               33%
1+ levels              33%
less than 1 level               0