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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Yellow Curriculum

  • Access to learning is delivered through a cross-curricular, sensory approach to maximize engagement and learning.
  • Pupils require small group, individual or a highly personalised learning programmes in order to access the curriculum.
  • Pupils may require a higher level of support to communicate their needs
  • Pupils may need 1:1 support or higher to engage in a blended therapeutic curriculum 
  • Pupils may require sustained specialised interventions to enable full access to the curriculum
  • Pupils may have difficulties regulating their emotions and require additional regular sensory support
  • Pupils may need extra support with transitions, to ensure safety within the school and wider community.
  • Pupils may require further consolidation of learning tasks before moving on to something different.
  • Pupils may need additional adaptations to the learning environment to enable them to access the curriculum 

Our theme for the second half of the Spring term and the first half of the Summer term is "Once upon a time". Our planner which describes many of the activities we will be following in Yellow Curriculum Classes is available below.

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