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Sun Class

Welcome to Sun Class. Ronnie Gerhold is the class lead and you can email her using the following email address:

W/C 15/07/19

This week we have had Sports Day and Feel Good Week. 


W/C 08/07/19

This week we have been thinking about change as we move towards the end of the school year. This can be scary but exciting too!


Picture 1 Dry sand changes when water is added!
Picture 2 I have changed the playdough into special shapes!
Picture 3 I like this hat.....
Picture 4 ....What will I look like in it?
Picture 5 My hair has changed colour!
Picture 6 The liquid in the sensory bag moves when I press!
Picture 7 I am colouring this picture to change it
Picture 8 My hand has changed to a green furry thing!
Picture 9 Not sure about the glasses.....
Picture 10 ...I like the crown, though!
Picture 11 Changes with a puzzle

W/C 01/07/19

This week we have made farm animal "photos" using black paint. We have also been outside enjoying the lovely weather!


​​​​​​W/C 24/06/19

This week we have been "Down On The Farm". We have sung Old McDonald in circle time, we read Rosie's Walk and acted it out with our farm animals. We coloured farm pictures and we had fun with "Mud Slime"!


W/C 17/06/19

This week we have smelt, touched and tasted picnic fruit, including apples, strawberries, pineapple and coconut!

Picture 1 Coconut has an interesting smell.....
Picture 2 ...Let's taste it.....
Picture 3 ....let's touch it....
Picture 4 ....Coconut IS tasty!
Picture 5 .....Tomatoes are juicy!
Picture 6 Pineapple looks juicy too .....
Picture 7 ....and tastes delicious!
Picture 8 Strawberries are yummy!
Picture 9 There's a strawberry under there somewhere!
Picture 10 And now for something different!
Picture 11 Creating filter paper butterflies

W/C 10/06/19 

This week we have shared a picnic sensory story and have made Teddy Bear ears .

We looked at ourselves with our ears on in the mirror.

W/C 3/06/19

This week we have been starting our Countryside theme. We have been sharing picnic stories, making picnic "food" and sharing picnics together.

This half term our theme is "Countryside". There will be Teddy Bears' picnics, woodland activities and a focus on animals in the countryside and on the farm.
Welcome to our Summer Term. This half term our theme will be "Transport". We will be exploring vehicles with wheels and no wheels. How fast can we go???

W/C 20/05/19

This week we have continued to explore  our Transport theme. We have used our feet to make colour-mixed prints and imagined being "Up, Up, Up" in a balloon. 

"Up,Up,Up is one of our favourite Barefoot Books story songs!


W/C 13/05/19. 

This week we have been thinking about transport with "no wheels", including boats and rockets. Some of us have read "Whatever Next" where Baby Bear "flies" to the moon in a rocket! We have also enjoyed a sensory story about walking to the town and park. We used beaters to tap out our steps on the pavement.

W/C 6/05/19

This week we have continued to have fun with vehicles, drawing roads and riding the bike!

W/C 29/04/19.

This week we have used toy vehicles moving through paint to explore colour mixing .

W/C 22/04/19.  We have begun our transport theme, playing with different vehicles. We have played with our small world road set and we have moved them through different textures.
Welcome to our Summer Term. This half term our theme will be "Transport". We will be exploring vehicles with wheels and no wheels. How fast can we go???

For the second half of Spring Term we are going to have fun with Minibeasts, including the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Aaaagh Spider! We will also be exploring shapes and rhyming activities.

This week our activities have been linked to Easter, including a visit from the Easter Bunny! Have a happy Easter Holiday!
We have been playing and having fun with  lots of different activities linked to our learning targets.
Picture 1 Yumm!
Picture 2 An interesting letter shape
Picture 3 Exploring tactile books
Picture 4 Cause and effect fun!
Picture 5 Choosing colours
Picture 6 Using a switch to activate my communication device
Picture 7 Exploring shapes
Picture 8 Having a tea party!
Picture 9 Re-telling stories
W/E 29/03/19
​​​​​​This week we have been making something special for our Mums (ssh! It's a surprise!).
W/E 22/03/19

We have begun to read "Aaaaargh Spider" . This has been great fun, making the noises from the book and creating cobwebs of our own. We also made beehives.

This week we finished our caterpillar. The caterpillars we made last week then changed into beautiful butterflies!

This week we have read the Very Hungry Caterpillar story and made some caterpillars of our own. We have also explored shapes.

Welcome to the Spring Term, although it still feels like Winter!

We sing Nursery Rhymes all the time in Sun Class, so this half term we are going to use them to explore different activities.

We finished our Nursery Rhyme Theme enjoying all our favourites!

Have a lovely half term everyone.

This week we have celebrated Chinese New year of the Pig !

Picture 1 Chasing the dragon away!
Picture 2 Making a dragon mask
Picture 3 Exploring red materials
Picture 4 Fun with rice and pigs!
Picture 5 It's all about the pig!
Picture 6 Hello, Pig!
Picture 7 Piggy stories...
Picture 8 ...are fun!

We have focused on number and shapes rhymes this week

Picture 1 5 Little Monkeys...
Picture 2 ...swinging in the tree...
Picture 3 ...Or jumping on the bed!
Picture 4 5 Little Ducks...
Picture 5 ...went swimming....
Picture 6 day.
Picture 7 One Little Piggy Went To Market
Picture 8 Square, square, circle circle...
Picture 9 The Animals Marched In Two by Two.

This week we have been singing.....

Picture 1 .....Hickory, Dickory, Dock.....
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 ...Down At The Station...
Picture 10 ....It's Raining, it's Pouring....
Picture 11
Picture 12 ...London Bridge Is Falling Down.

Some of the Nursery Rhymes we have been enjoying this week!

Picture 1 The Grand Old duke of York
Picture 2 He had Ten Thousand Men
Picture 3 Incy Wincy spider up...
Picture 4 .....and Down!
Picture 5 Row The Boat
Picture 6 Miss Polly Had A Dolly
Picture 7 Pat-a-Cake

This week we have been using action rhymes to learn about our body parts, actions and ideas like "up" and "down".

This half term we are beginning with activites about the change in seasons as we move from Autumn to Winter. There are also lots of different festivals to celebrate including Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas. It should be fun! 

Christmas continues....

We have started our Christmas Activities!

Practising our gross motor skills

Picture 1 A friendly...
Picture 2 game of football!
Picture 3 Riding my bike...
Picture 4 playing catch....
Picture 5 scooting along!
Picture 6 standing to play
Picture 7 taking independent steps
Picture 8 balancing on the peanut ball....
Picture 9 ....and bouncing!

We have been learning about Diwali

Picture 1 reading the story of Rama and Sita....
Picture 2 .....
Picture 3 Rangoli patterns with rice....
Picture 4 ....
Picture 5
Picture 6 ...and with chalk
Picture 7 getting ready to celebrate...
Picture 8
Picture 9 Diwali fireworks!
Picture 10 Diwali decorations

This week we have had "Fireworks Fun" !

Picture 1 Rainbow ice "fireworks"....
Picture 2 Pretty colours....
Picture 3 Wow!
Picture 4 Mixing the colours....
Picture 5 Filter paper "Fireworks"...
Picture 6 colours spreading...
Picture 7 Building a rocket...
Picture 8 Whoosh! it exploded!
Picture 9 Reassuring baby...
Picture 10 Fireworks Finished! Using a "finished" basket

We have been exploring Autumn foliage and Halloween activities.

Picture 1 Exploring Autumn leaves
Picture 2 Acorns make a good sound!
Picture 3 Rolling the dough
Picture 4 A creative Autumnal model!
Picture 5 A Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
Picture 6 Playing with pumpkins.
Picture 7 We have been reading Room on the Broom
Picture 8 Room on the Broom is a fun story!
Picture 9 Getting ready for fireworks!

This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella"

This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 1
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 2
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 3
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 4
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 5
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 6
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 7
This week we have finished our "Myself" books and chosen songs under the "Rhymes Umbrella" 8

We enjoy playing with our friends!

Picture 1 Sharing our toys.....
Picture 2 Playing a duet.....
Picture 3 Solving problems.....
Picture 4 Having fun outside.....
Picture 5 Meeting .....
Picture 6 and greeting....
Picture 7 And having fun with grown-ups!

We are proud to show off our progress in our physical and independence skills

Picture 1 independent adventures in Soft Play....
Picture 2 independent walking...
Picture 3 More walking....
Picture 4 independent exploring on the floor....
Picture 5 manipulating tools....
Picture 6 playing with the cars....
Picture 7 Making progress with independent eating....
Picture 8 independent eating....
Picture 9 More independent eating!

We are reading Brown Bear Brown Bear and using all our senses to explore the story together.

This week we have been exploring our senses of smell and taste

Picture 1 Smells interesting......
Picture 2 I want to taste this.......
Picture 3 Happy to try..............
Picture 4 I like the smell....
Picture 5 I don't like the smell......
Picture 6 I am going to smell this.....
Picture 7 This is an interesting new flavour.....
Picture 8 I like to taste everything!
Picture 9 Which one shall I try?

What do you see?...…………………...

Picture 1 I see coloured shapes......
Picture 2 I see a green frog......
Picture 3 I see a short green track.......
Picture 4 I press the switch and see coloured lights...
Picture 5 Feeling the texture.....
Picture 6 Sharing coloured shapes.....
Picture 7 Finding what's underneath....
Picture 8 Choosing favourite colours.

Learning about our story and playing with our friends

Picture 1 We love playing with our friends.
Picture 2 Listening to the animal sounds.
Picture 3 Feeling a tickly massage!
Picture 4 Using our hands to explore.
Picture 5 Feeling and looking for the same textures..
Picture 6 Finding colours together!
Picture 7 Exploring the items in our story.