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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Robins Class

In Robins class we have 9 children. The children are all Reception age.  

We follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and adapt it to the individual needs of each child, as well as incorporating the Early Years Red curriculum of Brooklands school.

At this early developmental stage of the children’s learning, it is important to nurture their play, preferences and choices. We use a range of communication methods such as verbal communication, Symbols, Object of Reference, Eye Gaze and Makaton signing. 

In Robins Class staff nurture and facilitate the child’s desire to learn through play. Throughout the day there are lots of opportunities for short attention and listening group activities that promote; social enjoyment, creativity, engagement and anticipation. We incorporate lots of sensory exploration, sensory stories and songs within our day in Robins class.


We have 5 staff in Robin class. 


If you would like to contact us then our email address is



Robin Class weekly Timetable


Autumn 2: Change (Materials and Seasons)

Spring 1: Modern Classics 

Spring 2: Transport and Travel

Summer 1: On The Farm

Summer 2 : Under the Sea and Seaside


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