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Purple Class

Welcome to Purple Class!

In Purple Class there are 11 children, 8 boys and 3 girls.

We have a teacher and 4 assistants to help us learn.

We use symbols, Makaton, high tech AAC devices and our voices to communicate and visual timetables to support us during the day.

Purple Class - Summer Timetable 2019

Our Theme - Artists

For the second half of the Summer term our theme is "Artists". 

We will look at lots of different artists and their styles of work across history and around the world. We will practice different styles and techniques used by these artists. We will also think about why artists make the kind of arts they do, what it means to different people and whether we like it or not!

The theme planner is below please have a look to get some idea of what we will be learning about at school. 

Purple Class Theme Planner: Summer 2019 - Artists

Home Learning Suggestions

This theme lends itself to looking at different kinds of artists; 

  • Artists whose works we can access in and around Reigate; There are examples of Music, Painting, and Sculpture in the local area.
  • Famous artists whose work we could go to see / listen to in public spaces, galleries and museums further afield. 

There are also lots of practical artistic things to do; 

  • Painting; people, still life, the landscape, pets.
  • Photography; taking photos and video and then working out how to change or display them.
  • Sculpture; using clay, playdoh or natural materials, making sculptures from household junk. 
  • Collage; cutting and sticking pictures / words from magazines and papers. 

If you would like to contact us then please email using the email address below;

19/7/19 - Feelgood week - we have done som much in feelgood week; art, music, sport, circus skills, forest school and of course the bouncy castle. Here are just a few pictures ...

12/7/19 - We played proper games of tennis this week. I don't think we are going to be appearing at Wimbledon soon but everyone got the ball over the net and we had fun!

28/6/19 - Science - We decided to look at the wildlife in the pond this week. We spotted; newts, frogs, tadpoles with legs and lots of water snails.

21/6/19 - Diggerland. Here are some pictures of Purple Class having a great time at Diggerland. We travelled there in a big coach, some of us with ouir sibilings or parents. Then we drove, excavated and rode in diggers all day, only stopping for lunch.

14/6/19 - Big Build - This week the children helped with the Santander "Big Build" by planting some of the big planters that will go into the new "senses" garden.

7/6/2019 - Theme - Artists. For the first session of our new theme "artists" we decided to be the artists. Our school float for the Horley Carnival needed lots of paintings to decorate it. Both for it's theme "Woodstock" and to represent the class colour, e.g. anything purple!

23/5/19 - Theme - Town and country - Country Games. We played some traditional games that people would have enjoyed at home and at country fairs. Tug-of-war, skittles and skipping were all popular outside. Inside pick-up-sticks, cup and ball and the simple mechanical toys were all popular.

10/5/19 - Cooking - This week we decided to practice some really practical cooking skills and make "Things on toast". Some of the things were cheese, beans, egg, avocado and tomatoes. The class prepared their own toast and toppings and enjoyed!

3/5/19 - Theme - Town and Country. We looked at lots of photos of different places and identified if they were in the town or country. Lots of the photos were of Reigate so we really enjoyed spotting the places we know. We also placed toys; animals, cars, etc in the correct place on play-mats. Finally some of us designed our own towns!

4/4/2019 - Rural life centre - Purple class went on a trip to the Rural life centre near Farnham to find out more about how people used to live in the countryside. There was a great presentation about how children lived a hundred years ago, even milking cows. There were also many old buildings including a schoolhouse, prefab house, old caravans and a water hand-pump. Best of all was the 1950s playground with a big slide, seesaw and an old milkfloat to ride in.