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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Parakeet Class


Welcome to Parakeet Class!


Within Parakeet class there are ten children, six boys and four girls. Our class is based at Brooklands Wray Park site. We have a teacher (Abbie), a Lead Teaching Assistant (Emma), three full time TA's (Rachel, Lynda and Emma) and two part time TA's (Mel and Priti) who help us learn.


We follow the Brooklands yellow curriculum which you can read about on the "Yellow curriculum" page. We have a blended therapeutic approach to learning, supported by a range of physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals.


If you would like to contact us, our email address is: 


Parakeet class is a very fun and busy place to be! We are always on the go and enjoy doing lots of activities with our friends. We love being at school and engaging in physical activities such as swimming, soft play and exploring the sensory garden. Some of our favourite activities also include Attention Autism sessions, music & singing and sensory exploration/tactile play. If you'd like to see what a typical week in Parakeet class looks like please see our timetable below.


In Parakeet class we use lots of different methods of communication including signing, symbols, body language and our voices. As a class, we are working really hard to improve our communication, extend our attention and engagement skills and develop our turn taking, sharing and social interaction skills.


Throughout the Spring term we are learning about a wide range of fun things...


Topic: Once Upon A Time

Hooks: Traditional Tales, Fantasy Stories, Stories from Around the World, Amazing Authors, British Science Week, Religious Stories and Easter



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