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There are 6 children in Indigo Class. There are 3 girls and 3 boys.

We have 4 adults to help us learn.  In Indigo class we have very individualised learning programmes that predominantly focus on SCERTS. We have learning breaks throughout the day to help regulate us so that we can focus on our learning. We use lots of different communication strategies and those relevant to children with Autism including Attention Autism and TEACCH. 

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Indigo Class Timetable

Theme Planner

w/e 24th July 2019 Please enjoy some photos of the various activities we participated in during Feel Good week, and from our trip to Littlehampton. We hope you all have a great summer, see you in September!

w/e 12th July Please enjoy the photos of the range of activities we have participated in during our time in Indigo Class this week.

Home Learning Activity 5th July: Make some cakes or biscuits, ice them and eat them!

w/e 5/7/19 Our weekly activities this week have included sticking fruit picture onto outlines of faces, riding bikes and scooters, lots of small world play with either Happyland, dolls house or the farm, sand and water play, building with lego, workstation activities, lots of tactile play with cornflour and using our fine motor skills to do some stacking and posting. We finished off our busy week by baking and icing some cakes. We first had to do some colour matching with some Skittles, then we could put them on our cakes and eat them if we wanted to! Yummy!

Home Learning Activity 28.6.19: Look at some number songs with a parent or carer on

w/e 27.6.19 Indigo class have been exceptionally busy this week, with lots of activities out in the sunshine. We have been on bikes, done some painting, explored tactile play, investigating numbers, been independent out in Sensory Circuits and playing with our friends, We have also sat really well to listen to "Handa's Suprise", taken part in Bucket Group and taken turns playing a game of Pop up Pirate. Outside, we have had a great time playing with the water sprinkler and investigating jelly. We were all tired by Thursday afternoon, and were very happy to have a long weekend!

Home Learning activity 21/6/19:

Go to the park with a parent or carer, and take some photos of you playing with the equipment there. Please email them to

w/e 21/6/19 we have continued with our Theme of Artists this week, with lots of creative activities. We ended the week with another great day out at Tilgate Park, where we looked at lots of different animals: goats, pigs, horses, meerkats, fish, reptiles and insects. We also found some very lifelike sculptures of animals. We enjoyed our picnic in the park, and finished the day in the Adventure playground, where we climbed like monkeys!

w/e 14/6/19 This week, we have been busy with our usual learning activities, but the highlight of the week was our very exciting trip to Diggerland! We set off at 10am, in a variety of coaches and minibuses, in eager anticipation of the day ahead. When we arrived, there were lots of volunteers from The Golden Lions waiting to help us, and the staff were very friendly and welcoming too. We had an amazing day, trying lots of different rides and experiences. We left at 2.30pm, and arrived back at school, very tired but happy that the day had gone so well. We hope you enjoy all the photos!

 Home learning activity 7/6/19: sit with a parent or carer and share the book from the school library.smiley

On Friday before half term, it was a hot day in Indigo Class so we enjoyed cooling down with some homemade ice pops. We all had a lovely week off, but were pleased to come back to school on Monday, which began well with a very calm and happy walk to Reigate Castle grounds. In class we have had lots of activities to choose from: spray painting outside, learning how to use the smartboard to play interactive games, playing with dinosaurs, tactile with corn flour, fine motor skills with spaghetti and cheerios, washing stones with bubble bath, exploring cars and garages, pretending to be police officers on bikes and painting flowers for the Horley Carnival float. We have also really enjoyed listening to rhyming stories, and can now all sit together as a class for 2 stories! Bucket Group has been fun and messy as usual!

w/ 24th May 2019. This week, we went for our community walk on Monday afternoon, up to Wray Common where we explored in the woods around the common. Unfortunately, our teachers forgot to take the camera! We enjoyed being out in the sunshine. We have had lots of fun activities to chose to engage with: washing cars, tactile with cornflour, using chalks, crayons and felt tips for mark making, playing with the farm, practicing our fine motor skills, exploring bread dough, playing with cars and bricks and ball skills. We have been exercising our bodies in PE, moving to fast and slow music using ribbons and pom poms, and have also had a good work out in soft play. We have attended well during Bucket Group, and enjoyed using a watering can!

w/e 16/5/19 We started our week with a late breakfast at Morrisons! We walked there, holding hands all the way, and sat and ordered toast, crumpets and scrambled egg. The children sat really well in the cafe and we then went for a walk in the park before walking back to school in time for lunch. We have been very busy in and outside the classroom, with lots of exciting activities to chose from: washing dolls' clothes, balls and skittles, dressing up, playing on the farm, washing cars and handwriting practice. We have been using lots of aided language displays to help us communicate.

w/e 10th May. At the end of last week, we had a fantastic music therapy session with Kwaku, where we all joined in banging on the drum and on the cymbal. We have taken turns to play an interactive game on the smartboard. We have also practiced our handwriting skills, using playdough to warm up with. We have had lots of new activities in class to chose from. These have included dressing up, doll play, farms and animals, exploring how to make ice melt, lego and puzzles. It has been a shorter week than usual, but just as busy!

w/e 3/5/19 We started our week with a lovely walk to Reigate Castle grounds. We really enjoyed having such a big open space to explore in and run around. We have been going for weekly walks for 2 terms now, and have got really good at holding hands, and walking quite a long way! We have continued to learn to chose the activities we would like to do in and outside the classroom. This week, we have especially enjoyed waterplay outside in the sunshine. Other activities have included rolling cars down ramps, lego, practicing our scissor skills, looking at books and playing with flour. During Bucket Group we have all joined in with the Stage 3 activity, splatting wet cotton wool onto the ground. We then transitioned to the table to stack some blocks, then knock them over!

w/e 26/4/19 We have settled back into class this week after our lovely Easter break. We have been working on choosing which activity we would like to engage with in class. The activities to choose from over the week have been building with lego, sandplay, puzzles, doll's house, pop-up pirate game and Happyland. We have also been practising our handwriting skills and colouring in. During music therapy, some of us have been learning to interact with our friends.

w/e 4th April This week we had a fantastic day out at Buchan Park, with Gary Marlow, our Woods for Learning teacher. We made popcorn over a fire, learnt how to use a saw, drank tree sap and had a great time exploring in the woods.We have had fun in school too, playing with water and going to the library to chose books. We have been working really hard in sensory circuits, doing some number work, attending to Bucket Group activities, and using our bodies to move around in soft play. We also had a suprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

w/e 28/3/19 This week we have enjoyed outside learning in the spring sunshine! We have worked on our physical targets of sending and receiving to a partner, using a football and a goal. We watched Ruth make volcanoes in Bucket Group Stage 2, and joined in with a bat and ball game in Stage 3. We then transitioned to the table for a Stage 4 matching activity. We have explored rough and smooth surfaces using chalk, water and a paintbrush. Some of us have worked on matching letters to our names, whilst others have explored wind up and squirty toys in some water. We have also been enjoying the new Sensory Assemblies on a Wednesday afternoon, and this week we joined in with Joanna and played with some bubbles!

w/e 21/3/19. This week we have continued with our weekly Friday visit to the school library, where we can share some books and chose one to take home. We have also completed some counting activities, and had our second session of music therapy with Kwaku, which we all love! The highlight has been our walk in the woods, to look for some different animals' houses, and to post our letter to Peter Rabbit. We all really enjoyed going out and would love to go back with our families! Here is the link to the National Trust website to tell you where it is

w/e 12/3/19 This week we had our first session of Music Therapy. All the children were very engaged with the music, and they all had a turn at playing the guitar or the keyboard. We have worked hard at Sensory Circuits every morning, and are enjoying using our bodies in different ways to alert, organise or calm ourselves. On Tuesday, we went on the bus to Merstham library, where we shared some books and spent some time time playing with the toys there. We hope to be able to stay for longer next time. We have had fun playing with our new bubble machine, and the Elefun game. We worked very hard during our fine motor skills session, practicing posting things, sorting shapes, threading and screwing nuts onto bolts.

w/e 8/3/19 This week we have started listening to different types of music and using streamers and scarves to move in time to the music. We have explored a variety of tactile play. On Pancake Day, we had a great time making pancakes, mixing the batter and then eating the pancakes, choosing which topping we would like. We also used some cut out and magnetic letters to match up to our names. We have been building houses using different coloured blocks and had some fun with water! We investigated rough and smooth surfaces outside, using chalk and water.

week ending 1/3/19 As part of our Towns & Country topic, we went shopping to Morrisons for ingredients for Pancake Day next week. We also completed a sticking activity of a house, and played some ball games outside, following instructions given on a roll of a dice.

Week 4 activities linked to forest habitats and Going on a bear hunt story

Week 5 activities linked with garden habitats