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Brooklands School

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Brooklands School

Grasshopper Class

Within Grasshopper class we have 6 children, all boys! We are based at the Wray Park Road Brooklands site. We have a teacher, a LTA and three TAs to help us to learn.


We follow the Brooklands Green curriculum which you can read about on the  "Green curriculum" page. 


Grasshopper class is a fun and busy place to be! We are always exploring different things linked to our topic and hooks. We are all using our own ways to communicate about what we are doing whether that is speech, signing or using various visual communication aids both high and low tech. Each day we start our day with a run outside, this helps us all to burn off some extra energy or to bring up our levels of alertness to enable us all to be ready for learning. In Grasshopper class our favourite sessions in the day are the irresistible inputs because we love all the different sensory approaches to learning.


This term we are also really excited to be able to use some different spaces within school to support our learning. We will be using the library, multi-sensory room, soft play, hall, intervention room, swimming and hydro pools. Over the summer term we also are hoping to be able to start going on some off site visits to support our in school learning as well as practice our life skills.


If you would like to contact us then our email address is

Topic: Now that's a talent 

Hooks: Talented people, Build it, Hobbies, Cooking, Artists, Sport, The Arts 

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