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Welcome to Blue Class!


In Blue Class there are 6 children, 1 girl and 5 boys.  

We have a teacher and 3 assistants to help us learn.


We are a very sociable and energetic class who love to learn through exploring. In our class we work very hard and at a fast pace, so we might come home very tired. We use signs and symbols to help us communicate and visual supports to help with structures in our school routine, appropriate behaviour, dealing with our emotions and remembering information.

In our school day we work hard on our curriculum targets as well as using the SCERTS approach which helps us with our Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports. 

We are also working very hard on play skills, social skills and independent skills.




Our timetable for the Summer term

Our Theme - Artists


Our topic for the summer term is 'Artists'. 

We are looking forward to this topic and it will give us great scope to get creative and explore different types of art.


Please have a look at our class planner to get a better idea of some of the activities we have planned for this term.

Blue Class Theme Planner

Home Learning Suggestions


This topic gives lots of scope for many learning opportunities at home.

Here are a few ideas if you wish to do so....


  • Painting; people, still life, the landscape, pets.
  • Photography; taking photos and video and then working out how to change or display them.
  • Sculpture; using clay, playdoh or natural materials, making sculptures from household junk. 
  • Collage; cutting and sticking pictures / words from magazines and papers.


 We would love to see how you get on with these ideas - send some pictures through the home/school books or through our class e-mail address.

1/07/19 In our shape lesson we went on a shape hunt in our new garden. The children found lots of 2D and 4D shapes and were able to name and identify some of them before ticking them off on their worksheet.

24/07/19 We have been looking at Animated art linked to our artists theme - a lot of the children had been to see the film Toy Story 4. So, we decided to look at how toy story was made and afterwards we made our very own Forky's.

17/06/19 Yoga! Blue class have been yoga stars. As part of our PSHE we have been learning Yoga.... the children have been fantastic at learning and copying lots of different yoga poses and have all really enjoyed participating in this.

10/07/19 Blue class visit the fire station: We had a wonderful visit to Reigate Fire Station today. The children have been excited about this visit all week. We have discussed how we must behave when we are out in the community and about keeping safe when out and about. We have also been thinking about the role of a Fire officer and how they help us. This has sparked lots of discussions and questions from the children. We wrote down some of the questions and made a checklist of what we might see on our visit. This morning we were met by Fire fighter Simon who kindly showed us around the fire station. There was lots of pictures to help us see what things were and how they were used. The children were very excited to see and explore all of the vehicles and were wonderfully behaved. We were also very fortunate enough to see some fire fighters training in the grounds and they gave us a wave. Thank you Simon for a wonderful visit that i am sure the children will be talking about this.

Week commencing 3rd June 2019: This week we have been looking at the work of Pier Mondrian. We looked at and discussed his abstract art and tried to reproduce it using paint, with lego and on the computer. The children were very careful to not go over the lines and we also looked at and explored the primary colours.

Week commencing 12.05.19: This week we have continued looking at our topic 'Towns and countryside'. We have been thinking about the differences of a town to a countryside and looking at what we might find there. Today we went for a walk into our town and recorded the different types of vehicles we could see using a tally chart. We then looked and analysed the data collected. Our findings were very interesting. We found that the majority of cars we saw were black and surprisingly we saw 3 orange cars. We also realised that we didn't see any tractors and the children concluded that it was because it is more likely to see tractors in the countryside. From our findings we also noticed that there was a lot of traffic in our town but maybe if we were in the countryside there would be less.

Week commencing 7th May: This week in our topic sessions we have been comparing towns and countryside. We had a quiz on what we might find in a town and what might be found in the countryside. We explored the book town mouse and country mouse and had lots of discussions on the differences and similarities. We have also been exploring our book 'farmer duck' in our attention autism group and the children especially enjoyed milking our cow 'Daisy'. We have also been for a walk to our local town. We had a discussion on what we might find and then put together a tick list which we marked off when we saw. We also added things that we might see but might not like including rubbbish and graffiti.

Week commencing 29th April: Over the past few weeks the children have been enjoying learning about time. This week we have looked at half past and re-capping o'clock. We watched a video about time, played one of our favourite games 'what's the time Mr Wolf' and thought about what happens at different parts of the day. We then explored games on time on Education city and completed our worksheets. We also had a game of time Bingo so we could practice our new skill that we had learnt.

Week commencing 23rd April: The children have settled back well into the school term. This week we have been looking at what makes us a good class team member by remembering to follow our class rules and trying hard with our class jobs. The children have been very keen to try out our new job role as shop keeper at drink and snack time. This week we have also had a birthday celebration for one of the children. This was a great opportunity to work on our social and play skills. The children tries very hard to play fairly in party games remembering the rules and also remembering that it is ok not to always win. We also had a special birthday bucket group and finished the day with some yummy chocolate cake. This week we have worked very hard in citizenship we have been choosing a peer/staff member to play a game with. This has been a great opportunity to teach the children about following rules, turn taking and enjoying playing games that may not necessarily to them winning.

Week commencing 25th March 2019 This week the children have been hard at work practicing their woodwork skills. We spoke about safety when using tools and how important it was to listen carefully to an adult when using them. The children were brilliant and had remembered what we had talked about. They have made some very impressive items of which i can't say exactly what they have made until after a special day that is happening this weekend!

Our local walk to Homebase - Friday 24th March 2019

Week commencing: 18/3/19. This week the children have had a very important job to carry out. The children in blue class had to elect a peer to be our class representative in the school council. The children thought very carefully about what their special traits are and what makes them a good person. They made there speeches and then delivered them to their peers. The children were brilliant listening to each other and were very respectful and kind to one another. We then went to our 'polling station' and voted for who wanted to be our class representative.

World book day

Week commencing: 25th February. This week we have introduced the children to our new topic - homes, houses, towns and countryside. Today we went for a walk to our town. The children were very good. We spoke about how we should behave when we are out in the community and how we can keep safe. We lookeded at different landmarks along the way and next week will try to follow a map.

Week commencing 4th February: The highlight of our week has been celebrating Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed participating in a sensory story, using chopsticks to eat noodles and enjoying making lots of things around the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Week commencing 28th January 2019: In numeracy and literacy the children have been working hard to learn knew skills on the computers as well as focusing on the targets. The children each have their own log in and password and have been working hard to find the letters on the keyboard to input this information. They have thoroughly enjoyed the highly motivating educational games that are on offer as well as learning about algorithms, mouse skills and web safety.

Week commencing 14th January: This week the children in Blue class have been very creative. At the start of the week we thought about what superheroes do and how we could make our own television programme which we will be using our ICT skills to do next week. We have practiced and rehearsed and the children have done a briliiant job at making their very own superhero costumes as part of their theme sessions.

Week commencing 7th January 2019: This week our link to topic has been around Superheroes..... which we will be continuing next week. The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite superhero. We talked lots about what a superhero is and what it takes to be a superhero .... we also designed our own superheroes. We designed our very own superheroes and did lots of role play too.

Developing our independence and self-help skills in Blue class

A happy healthier new year in Blue class! The children have all embraced our daily mile. They have to run so many laps of the playground collecting a token as they go past. Once they finish the children have been brilliants sports cheering their other peers on. Well done Blue class.

Look who came to visit.....

Blue class visit Buchan park: The children had a fantastic day in beautiful surroundings. It was great for the children to be able to run around outside and explore the natural environment. We climbed hills, made popcorn, hot chocolate, orienteering, played imaginative games, found minibeasts and much more. Not to mention the 15,00 steps we did throughout the day

Week commencing 3/12/18: This week we have been getting into the Christmas spirit with sensory Christmas games and our Christmas show. The children were all fantastic in the Show and showed off their budding acting skills.

Week commencing 26th November:

Week commencing 19th November: This week the children voted for their favourite movie and the winner was..... Toy Story!! Therefore this week we have been doing lots of things linked to Toy story including lots of Toys Story bucket groups, counting rockets, making rockets and looking at clips of Toys Story and answering questions. We also enjoyed our weekly tennis session and already we can see a difference in the children's tennis skills.

Week commencing 5th November: This week we have linked our work to cooking television programmes. In woods for learning we cooked marshmallows over a fire that we had made. We have also been using our fine motor skills in cooking. The children were able to follow a symbolised recipe to bake food which we then sold in our snack shop. In music therapy we have been playing a 'name that tune game' - the children are very good at this and are a lot quicker than guessing the correct answer than the staff. We have been using our ICT skills by looking at cookery programmes and put together our very own cooking programme.

Week commencing 29th October: As an introduction for our new television topic we have focused on spooky television. On monday the children enjoyed making wands as part of their woods for learning lesson. The children were very careful using different tools to make their magical wands. On Tuesday in maths we have had a spooky number lesson where we focused on addition and take away using pumpkins, ghosts and witches. Wednesday lots of the children came in dressed up in some spooky costumes and in the afternoon we had a spooky tennis lesson. We have also enjoyed a special spooky party and lots of spooky activities. The children particularly enjoyed our spooky bucket group.

Week commencing 8th October: This week we have been exploring Harvest. The children have enjoyed experiencing activities linked to aspects of harvest including a sensory story, Harvest bucket group and lots of sensory play. We have also focused on the concept of Harvest and the rituals of gathering and giving. We also began to discuss the understanding of the meaning of Harvest, including having empathy for people who don't have enough to eat. The children were very good on our walk to the local church for our Harvest celebration.

Week commencing 1st October 2018: This week the children have been practicing their tennis skills. What super tennis stars we have in blue class. We can already see some brilliant progress. We have also been celebrating one of the childrens birthdays. The children were very good at the party games - following instructions and taking turns. The cake was good too.

Week commencing 24th October: This week we have been exploring Arctic habitats. The children listened to a story about a little penguin and then had a go at painting a picture of a penguin. We also made pizza's as part of our PSHE lesson, enjoyed music therapy and learnt about map reading and directions in Woods for learning.

Week commencing 17/09/18: This week we have been looking at animals that live in the jungle. In maths we have been counting jungle animals, writing about jungle animals and using great descriptive language. At the start of the week we thought about what animals we think live in the jungle and the children took turns to draw a picture whilst the other children guessed what it might be. We also played a game where we pretended to be explorers on a 'jungle adventure' we put on our binoculars and had to guess what animal we could see from a small part of it. The children were very good at this and it led to s great questioning and answering session. In muisic therapy the children have been doing animal dancing and we have also shown of our artisitc sides with some fantastic animal portraits.

A brilliant first session of Woods for learning we have had. The children enjoyed making natural paints from charcoal and chalk, building dens, using maps and exploring trees and plants.

Welcome back. The children have settled back into Blue Class well. This week we have spent the time settling into our new class routines and getting to know each other. We have also looked at habitats as a whole to see how much the children could remember. The children loved our habitat themed bucket group and we have been matching animals to their habitats.

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