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Yellow Class!

There are 10 children in Yellow Class, who work with 5 staff each day.  There are two teachers who job share, 1 HLTA and 3 full time TAs.

The staff team are supported by Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists.


The children work in small groups or one to one with an adult throughout the day and occasionally in a whole class group.


Our topic this half term is 'Habitats'.  We will be learning about habitats in and around Britain and abroad e.g. ponds, woodland,  seaside, rainforest etc. We will be exploring what a habitat is and matching animals with their habitats.  We will look at pictures and photos of habitats and also visit some too.

​We will be incorporating our topic through a wide range of activities, throughout our core curriculum.

If you would like to contact us our email address is

This is our current timetable

This is our current class planner

One of the habitats we have been learning about is ponds...

We explored what the word habitats means and which animals live in different types of habitats...

We walked around our community and took photos of all the things we saw.....

Music - this week we thought about music in our community, we talked about things like concerts, band stands, and buskers. We played the keyboard like the buskers might do.

We made the most of the lovely weather and explored our fantastic new playground castle.

Fine Motor Skills - We have been doing lots of different activities to practice our fine motor skills.

Easter Fun - We had a great week making Easter crafts, planting and cooking.

National Downs Syndrome Day - Odd Socks. We did lots of odd socks activities including matching odd socks and making our own odd sock by choosing colours and materials to decorate them with.

Fun in the Snow

Mother's Day Cooking. We read the recipe and followed the instructions. We asked for items and ingredients we needed. Then had lots of fun mixing and whisking. We hope you enjoyed them.

Winter Olympic PE Fun - Gary Marlow created our own Winter Olympics. The children all worked really hard on using their arms to pull them along on the Luge, their balancing skills on the Bobsleigh and aiming in the curling activity

Home Learning


We do lots of different things in class, one of which is fine motor activities.  Here are a few ideas of funs activities you could try at home.


  • Squeezing pegs.  You could put then on the edges of opened tins, on a piece of board, peg onto teddy or maybe get your child to help hang the washing out!
  • Playing with play dough (or any kind of dough).  Pulling, squashing, rolling or cutting with utensils.  Pushing items into the dough.  You could make some very individual bread 'rolls'.
  • Pushing straws into holes in items like a colander, or make holes in the top of a plastic container.
  • Dropping items into containers with varying sized openings (tins make really good noises when things are dropped into them)
  • Or using tins in a range of other ways. 
  • Scissor skills.  Practicing using scissors by chopping coloured pieces of paper up to be used for collage, snipping a piece of green paper to make grass or cutting along lines on work sheets 
  • Playing games like 'Connect 4' or 'Kerplunk'


There are lots more ideas here