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Purple Class

Welcome to Purple Class!

In Purple Class there are 11 children, 8 boys and 3 girls.

We have a teacher and 4 assistants to help us learn.

We use symbols, Makaton, high tech AAC devices and our voices to communicate and visual timetables to support us during the day.

Purple Class - Spring Timetable 2019

Our Theme - Houses and Homes, Town and Country

For the second half of the Spring and the first half of the Summer term our theme is "Houses and homes, town and country". 

We will look at the town and countryside in our local area and across the wider world. In particular contrasting people's homes in the town compared to the countryside. 

The theme planner is below please have a look to get some idea of what we will be learning about at school. 

Purple Class Theme Planner: Spring-Summer 2019 - Houses and Homes, Town and Country

Home Learning Suggestions

This theme is a great excuse to get out and explore the local towns and countryside. We are very lucky in Surrey to have great examples of both! Below are a few home learning suggestions ...

  • Visit the local country parks, there are many in Surrey. They can be grassland, woodland, hilly or flat, many have streams and lakes and the animals that go with those features.
  • Most people live in a home and whether it is a house or a flat it offers the possibility to look at see what is in each room and maybe take some photos to write about at school. 
  • There are lots of programmes on TV and resources on the internet which display how different people live around the world and what their houses are like. 
  • If you are going away to visit friends or family or even for a holiday then look at how their homes are different and how the countryside around where they live might be different to ours. 

If you would like to contact us then please email using the email address below;

22/3/19 - Houses and Homes. We made something useful for the home this week. Everyone had to saw up the wood to make it and drill holes to attach the pieces together. Can you guess what we made?

15/3/19 - Red Nose Day - We made cupcakes (with red cherry noses) and gingerbread men (with red noses and coloured buttons) to sell at the red nose day cake sale. We then had the opportunity to buy different cakes at the sale and there was even a "grass" car with a red nose at school.

5/3/2019 - Pancake day - We made pancakes and then tried tossing them. The tossing part was pretty hard and we had a few drops but there were still enough left to eat!

7/3/2019 - World Book Day - There were some great book themed costumes in Purple Class this year.

28/2/19 - PSHE - Working as a team. The teachers in Purple Class bought in some washing from home to be sorted and hung up. The Purple class children were amazingly helpful, they cooperated with each other brilliantly to complete this task in record time.

28/2/19 - Sadly our class pet, Gary the Gerbil, passed away over half term. So Purple class buried him beside his brother in the garden at school. Everyone was quiet and respectful, he was more than 5 years old which was extremely old for a gerbil!

14/2/19 - Purple class were invited to visit Lingfield Prep school to see their school production of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella. We went in time to have a packed lunch in their “TeaRex” room then we had an opportunity to play outside with the Lingfield children. Purple class enjoyed playing football and using their boat shaped climbing frame. We then sat down in their hall and watched the production, everyone was very quiet and concentrated on the show. The whole class loved the performance (especially the demise of the ugly sisters) and there was lots of clapping at the end.

7/2/2019 - Chinese New Year - We learnt about and celebrated Chinese new year. We made dragon and lion masks for assembly, tried out chopsticks and made red envelopes for good luck. Meanwhile one of Purple Class was at a different school being a Viking!

1/2/2019 - Science - The Earth and Space. We are learning about the Earth in space during our science sessions at the moment. We visualised the idea of day / night and the movement of the Earth using a big ball for the Earth and a powerful torch to represent the Sun.