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Welcome to Purple Class!

There are 10 children in Purple Class: 6 boys and 4 girls. We have a teacher and 3 assistants to help us learn.

Purple class is very lively, active and sociable. We have lots of fun and work very hard on our targets each day.  We work at quite a fast pace, so we might come home tired out from our busy day.

We use signs and symbols to help us communicate and visual support is helpful for learning, cues for appropriate behaviour and remembering information. We are a very chatty group and we love to talk to everyone about our work and other interests!  Purple class children are very caring and like to help each other throughout the day.

Some of us go swimming at the local leisure centre every week and some of us swim in the pool at school. We have also enjoyed going to Tennis every week and are learning some great tennis skills.

2nd half Spring Timetable

Our theme - "Community"

Purple class will be working on a range of activities to do with the topic "Community". 

 We will write stories, poems, cards and of course read books about people who help us in the community.  We will hopefully have a visit from the police and visit the Fire-station.


As part of our topic work session, we hope to go out each week to a variety of places in the community like the library, cafes, post office to post our letters home and of course we will test out local parks.  We will also hope to go to our local nursing home and spend an afternoon singing with them which is a great community link.  We will bring back items from walks and make collages, and most of all Purple class will develop social skills when communicating with people in our local community.



For a better idea of the many activities that we will be following please look at our class planner, there is a link for it below ...

Purple Class: Spring term: Planner for School

26/5/18 Tennis (The video may buffer in parts. If it does just rewind to the start and hopefully the rest of the video will download)

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All the children have gained so much from having tennis sessions each week, and we are very grateful that we have had this chance. We are very proud of everyone, as each child has made huge improvements in their ball and tennis skills. This week the tennis coaches came to our school and the children practised hitting the ball from a bounce as well as volleying the ball straight over the net.


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26/5/18 Tennis

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This week the firemen and their shiny truck came to visit. People who help us in the community. The children held the hose, climbed into the engine and enjoyed sitting up high. While they were here the dustbin people came with their truck, so we watched them emptying the big bins into the truck.

Creative morning: The children enjoyed taking part in threading (improving fine motor skills), art work (making crowns for the royal wedding) and cooking. They enjoyed measuring out, using equipment and adding ingredients to make delicious choc chip cookies.

4/5/18 In our speaking groups this week, the children have been working on a variety of targets. Some children have had to instruct an adult to make a bovril or syrup sandwich. Some children are working together to discuss their roles in a play, and others are learning to ask correctly for different items.

26/4/18 In our number sessions the children are working on their targets, doing ICT and also their workstations. They work on a range of skills, from rote counting, counting objects to match to the corresponding number, doing a range of doubling and halving sums and also using a 100 square to learn to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. The ICT activities support their individual targets.


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At the library the children scan the books to return them, then scan them and get a receipt to borrow new books. The children really enjoy using the library to look at books in a different environment and are also learning that they have to have quiet voices. We then take our books back to school and like to have our special books read to us throughout the week.

Community: Cafe 29/3/18

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At the café we learn to ask for our drink and snack politely and socialise at the table with one another.

23/3/18 Growing and Changing: This week we made Mr Potato heads and planted some cress seeds. We have been watering them and watching them grow. We also planted beans and the children were mesmerized by some videos of how beans grow. Some noted that they grow slower in the dark than in the light!

15/3/18 In shape space and measure we are concentrating on different shapes. Some children are learning to stack cups and build up to 3 blocks, other children are feeling shapes and discussing their properties. They draw around simple shapes eg, square, circle and triangle and make shape pictures. In ICT, some children are learning to make shape patterns and others have to spot the odd constructed shapes out.

8/3/18 Last week some children enjoyed being out in the snow. They have also been working on using the apparatus in the hall. Climbing up the ladder, through the bars and down the slide. They also balanced in different ways on benches and stepped up or down onto different platforms. They also had to jump off a small platform with a safe landing.

23/2/18 In writing, the children practised holding different writing implements with froggy fingers. They practise writing numbers with paint and letters with crayon. We are also using messy activities like shaving foam to make a variety of patterns

Purple Class has been playing with lots of different toys. We have built train tracks and explored jungle toys amongst others

Purple Class have been playing tennis both indoor and outdoor

Our class email address for questions or if you would like to send us anything is :