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Purple Class

Welcome to Purple Class!

There are 10 children in Purple Class: 5 boys and 5 girls. We have a teacher and 3 assistants to help us learn.

Purple class is very lively, active and sociable. We have lots of fun and work very hard on our targets each day.  We work at quite a fast pace, so we might come home tired out from our busy day.

We use signs and symbols to help us communicate and visual support is helpful for learning, cues for appropriate behaviour and remembering information. We are a very chatty group and we love to talk to everyone about our work and other interests!  Purple class children are very caring and like to help each other throughout the day.

Some of us go swimming at the local leisure centre every week and some of us swim in the pool at school. 

Our theme - "School"

Purple class will be working on a range of activities to do with the topic "School".  We will begin by looking at the different areas of our school, staff and jobs.

We will also take a look at History and find out what school was like in the Victorian times for both the poor and the rich.  We will have a chance to play games, wash clothes by hand, write on chalk boards, sing songs etc. 

We will then look at all the different subjects in school eg: School of Art, Cooking, Sewing, Science.

Purple class will also take a look at "School" in different countries too learning about different languages and cultures.

For a better idea of the many activities that we will be following please look at our class planner, there is a link for it below ...

Purple Class: Summer term: Planner for School

Our class email address for questions or if you would like to send us anything is :

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