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Pink Flamingos

Welcome to Pink Flamingos!


There are five children in Pink Flamingos, three girls and two boys.

The children work with four or five adults and benefit from the support of the physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists as well as the nursing team. We are also supported by two Midday Supervisors.


Pink Flamingos are part of Pink Class, the children work in two main groups which are suited to their needs, Pink Panthers and Pink Flamingos. Within the groups the children work either in small groups of two or one to one with an adult.

The children have individual timetables which ensure that they are learning at times and in ways which best suit their needs.

We have updated the timetable which is very general for the class.


If you want to get in touch with us or ask questions the best way is by e-mail:




Our theme - TV

Our theme for the second half of the Autumn term is Television.

The planning is based around current themes in TV viewing but may also be linked to one specific programmme which a child really likes e.g. we know that some children like Peppa Pig so some of the activities will relate to Peppa Pig while working on a IPP target.

Do let us know what your child likes to watch so that we can tailor the learning to use the most motivating activities we can



Home Learning Suggestions


  • Watch TV and let us know what your child likes to watch or particular theme tunes they enjoy
  • Google Bearfoot Books for some of theme books set to music


Keep looking at the website as we will add more ideas



12 - 16th November


This week our television theme has been BBC Sports.  The children have loved exploring lots of different sports.  We have been playing football, bowling, swimming and being gymnasts by practising balances and stretching.  We have been communicating to say if we want more turns in our sporting activities, counting up how many goals we scored and passing balls and sharing them with our peers.

We also had lots of smiles during Music Therapy this week!

Picture 1 We explored bumpy, vibrating balls
Picture 2 Some of us weren't too sure about the vibrations
Picture 3 Some of us liked the light balls
Picture 4 We practised throwing balls
Picture 5 We chose from lots of different balls
Picture 6 We played football
Picture 7 We tracked where the ball was going...
Picture 8 ...and when it came back!
Picture 9 We practised standing up tall
Picture 10 We all enjoyed music therapy...
Picture 11 ...playing the guitar...
Picture 12 ...and listening to singing

5th - 9th November


This week we have been exploring fireworks,  We watched them on the television, seeing all the different colours and shapes and listening to the bangs and crackles.  Then we turned the sound down and used instruments to make our own sound effects for the fireworks.

We also explored some bonfire playdough, using our hands and fingers to squeeze, squash and pat the dough.

Picture 1 We loved the big, bright colours of the fireworks
Picture 2 We smiled as we anticipated the bangs
Picture 3 We played drums and bells to match the fireworks
Picture 4 We giggled each time the fireworks exploded
Picture 5 We made loud banging sounds
Picture 6 We found patting the dough on our hands very funny
Picture 7 We tried to squeeze the dough tight

31st October - 2nd November

This week has been Halloween themed in Pink Flamingos this week.  We have been making pumpkin and ghost pictures, exploring light up toys, making witches potions, playing pumpkin skittles and using our arms and fingers to explore spiders webs.

Picture 1 We chose our favourite coloured ghosts...
Picture 2 ...using great eye gazing skills
Picture 3 We used our hands and arms well to pull the cobweb
Picture 4 We chose different ingredients for a potion
Picture 5 We rolled the ball...
Picture 6 ...down the slope...
Picture 7 knock the pumpkin skittles down!

Welcome back to school!

We started the term by getting to know our new class mates and staff and made some Pink Flamingos to decorate the classroom.

We used tools and our hands to add sticky glue and paint to the page and then added different textured collage materials.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

We are continuing our Habitat theme by looking at the Jungle habitat. 


10th - 14th September

This week we have been making textured paint to create large jungle leaves.  We communicated our texture choices using eye pointing, symbols and photos.

Picture 1 We used the eye gaze to choose tactile materials
Picture 2 We also used symbols and photos for choosing
Picture 3 We watched some pouring before mixing
Picture 4 Some of us used tools to mix and paint
Picture 5 We looked at the marks on our leaves
Picture 6 We also used our hands to mix and paint
Picture 7 We enjoyed moving our fingers around...
Picture 8 ...and getting messy!

17th - 21st September

This week we have been using our hands and fingers to make some animals to add to our leafy jungle.  We have been holding, gripping, pulling and tearing to make stripy zebras and tigers and hairy lions.

Picture 1 We made choices with symbols...
Picture 2 ...and by touching pictures on a screen
Picture 3 We held onto coloured paper and pulled...
Picture 4 make stripes for our animals
Picture 5 We then stuck them onto the picture
Picture 6 We were very pleased with our work
Picture 7 We have also been getting physical - standing...
Picture 8 ...pulling...
Picture 9 ...and sitting up straight.

24th - 28th September

This week we have been using our senses to explore Jungle swamp!  We communicated if we wanted to use our hands or feet and which animals we would like to drop into the swamp.

We have also been getting physical, practising our standing, sitting and reaching and have been playing with our friends.

Picture 1 We dropped animals into the swamp
Picture 2 We squeezed the swamp in our hands
Picture 3 We pushed the swamp with our fingers
Picture 4 We touched the swamp with our feet...
Picture 5 ...and even took squelchy steps in the swamp!
Picture 6 We practised standing...
Picture 7 ...sitting...
Picture 8 ...and reaching up high
Picture 9 We have been taking turns with friends...
Picture 10 ...and saying hello!

1st - 5th October


This week we have been joining our friends for a jungle massage story.  We listened to different jungle sounds and felt a range of actions on different parts of our body, e.g.: stomping elephant feet, tickling jungle spiders and twisting snakes.

We even combined it with some of our physio exercises.

Picture 1 We felt the snake twisting up our arms
Picture 2 We stomped our feet like an elephant
Picture 3 We felt tiger claws up our arms...
Picture 4 ..and copied the actions on our teachers
Picture 5 It was funny stamping like an elephant...
Picture 6 ...and galloping like a zebra
Picture 7 We copied tickly spiders on our friends too!

8th - 12th October


This week we have been practising our switch skills, making lights work and blowing up balloons.  Sometimes we had to press the switch once and some times we had to hold the switch down.

We have also been communicating through Choose and Do music, making choices and listening for cues in the songs.  We all love the anticipation!

On Friday we had a lovely time at the church for our Harvest celebration.  We all enjoyed watching the carrot balloons flying through the air, watching the dancing scarecrow and seeing the balloon popping.

Picture 1 We used a switch to turn on the lights...
Picture 2 ...and pump up the balloon
Picture 3
Picture 4 We loved wearing the funny hat...
Picture 5 ...before we made it fall off.
Picture 6
Picture 7 Although some prefered to make staff wear it!
Picture 8 Some of us used our eye gaze to join in
Picture 9 We made everyone wait ...
Picture 10 ...before we lifted up the cloth
Picture 11 We also made harvest fruits
Picture 12 and vegetables
Picture 13
Picture 14 We liked looking at our work
Picture 15 We loved harvest fun at church...
Picture 16 ...watching the scarecrow dancing...
Picture 17 ...balloons flying...
Picture 18 ...and balloons popping!

15th - 19th October


This week we continued with some of our harvest work and had fun smashing a pumpkin!  We explored the pumpkin first and then got our hands inside, it was sticky but great fun.


We also finished off our jungle theme by making some monkeys for the display. We each had our hands painted, feeling the paint on our fingers and palms.  Then we worked on our fine motor skills by holding different painting tools to paint more monkeys.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10