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Welcome to Pink Class!


There are sixteen children in Pink Class, eleven girls and five boys. 

The children work with fifteen adults and benefit from the support of the physiotherapists, occupational therapists and  speech and language therapists as well as the nursing team. We are also supported by two Midday Supervisors.

In Pink Class the children work in three main groups which are suited to their needs the Pink Cadillacs, Pink Panthers and Pink Flamingos. Within the three groups the children work either in small groups of two or one to one with an adult. 

The children have individual timetables which ensure that they are learning at times which best suit their needs. We have updated the timetable which is very general for the class.


If you want to get in touch with us or ask questions the best way is by e-mail 


You can contact your child's group using the following e-mails



Our theme - Habitats

Our theme for the second half of the Summer term and the first half of the Autumn term is Habitats. Through this theme the children will learn about about where animals and other creatures live. They will be doing this by exploring different regions on Earth starting with a Forest environment. The themes going through the unit are based on different books which are all on the class planner. We hope to join with another class who work on the same theme for one afternoon every fortnight to further each child's understanding of the environment and the creatures who live there.



Home Learning Suggestions

  • Go out to the garden and see and maybe collect some bugs
  • Explore the main themes of the unit e.g. play with ice cubes, listen to the sounds of nature
  • See what you can find under rocks and logs

Keep looking at website as we will add more ideas

Pink Class Timetables for each group - Summer 2018

Pink Class Planner - Habitats

Lots of different activities in Pink Class

Sports with Gray Marlow, Big Build and more

Pink and Orange Classes joined to explore different habitats bases on the Bear Hunt.

Lots of different activities happening in Pink Class last week

Busy week in Pink Class

This week Flamingos set up a toy shop in their class. They had lots of visitors who bought their toys for a penny. They then took the toys back to play with. Some of the other children dressed up in Firemen's outfits and others practised climbing ladders by using the play equipment in the playground.

Individual work, tactile, dressing up and physical work in Pink Class

Lovely week of April sunshine plus some indoor learning

Working on targets IPPs, OT & physio

Some of the things we have been up to this week

These last two weeks have been a little different with fewer children at school due to snow and the INSET day on Monday. The photos on the page this week have been taken over the last couple of weeks to ensure we had not missed anyone. They show some of the different activities the children have been up to including play, physio and target work.

In Pink Class all the children work on their physical skills. Some of the children do this through their physio and OT programmes others work on the fine motor skills. Many of the children use equipment to give them support. Pink Class make the most of the soft play room to practise physical skills in a safe environment, especially climbing and sliding. While working on their physical skills the children also work on visual skills, taking turns with friends, exploring new toys and environments and choosing.  

We have been exploring different toys during our free time.

Every week we work on a variety of activities which link in with different targets.

This term in Pink Class - more to follow very soon