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Green Class

Welcome to Green Class - Our group consists of nine children, eight boys and one girl, a teacher and 4 assistants to help us with our learning journey.


We communicate in various ways using different processes e.g. high tech AAC devices, Makaton signing system, and the use of symbols, visual timetables and of course our own voices.

Our Timetable below, works on a two week cycle, to make sure that we cover the curriculum. We change slots of a couple of lessons to accommodate enough time for both maths and literacy over a two weeks period.

Our Theme for this first half term is


A lot of our time will be spent understanding and celebrating friendships within the new class group.


We will combine all aspects of school life - which will include what school was like during you the parents times and even grandparents times, we will look at how other children in different counties get to school, what they may learn that is different from us. Some children do not have the same opportunities to learn how we do. we will look at what makes Brooklands school a great school and who helps us to achieve this, e.g. The site manager and the important job he does to help maintain the school, what happens in the school office, what do the ladies do that helps the school to run smoothly, how are the school dinners delivered to us and who serves it to us? and what do the school health team help us with.

As well as lots of creative opportunities.




Home learning suggestions

Great books to read to the children;

My day at school (inside my world) - Tina Benjamin

My fantastic awesome funny fun day at school - Joel Chapin and Leslie Goldstein Hagar

Fun at playtime, Making friends, The school fair and The school trip - Roger Priddy


You tube fun:-

Paw patrol goes to school, Barney goes to school, Franklin goes to school.


Sharing your experiences of school with your child, look on you tube for comparisons of schools in days gone by compared with todays schools. Look at uniforms and how they have changed....


If you need to contact the class, please use the new email address below: