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Welcome to Green Class - Our group consists of eight children, seven boys and one girl, the Class Teacher, one Higher Level Teaching Assistant and two Teaching Assistants.

We communicate in various ways using different processes; verbally, high tech AAC devices, Makaton signing system, symbols and visual timetables.

Teaching and Learning

Our timetable consists of all core teaching and learning and assessment areas ensuring a broad and varied curriculum for our children to access and enjoy. The work we do enables the pupils to progress academically and pastorally allowing them to explore their potential to the fullest. 

Please see our weekly timetable attached below for a more detailed look at what the children do each week.

Green Class Timetable

Theme - 'Toys'

Toys are a fundamental part of the world of all children and allows them to learn how to develop their creativity and imagination, explore the world around them, enhance their fine and gross motor skills, build friendships, learn how to take turns and share. The opportunities for our children to grow and learn through this topic are limitless. This theme will be taught in a cross curricula way encompassing all of our core areas of teaching and learning.

Please see the theme overview below for a more detailed look at some of the activities the pupils will be participating in during this topic. 




Activity Panner - 'Toys'

Home Learning Suggestions

Playing with your child and their toys offers lots of natural learning opportunities; counting blocks, identifying colours, sorting toys into plies and categories, creating stories and role-play.


Reading books together related to toys: 'Paddington Bear', 'Winnie the Pooh', 'Pinocchio', 'The Velveteen Rabbit', 'The Wooden Camel', 'The Teddy Robber', 'Naughty Bus', 'Lost in the Toy Museum: An Adventure', 'Dogger', 'Traction Man' and 'Toys in Space'. The 'Toy Story' films are great fun to watch and read together too.


A day trip to a toy museum: The V&A Museum of Childhood or Brighton Toy and Model Museum.


Bringing a favourite toy in to school for 'show and tell'.


Talking to an older relative or family friend about what toys were like when they were young or looking at pictures of old fashioned toys together.


Drawing a picture of a favourite toy.


Cutting and sticking pictures of favourite toys from a catalogue.


Contact Details

If you need to contact the class, please use the new email address below:

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