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Welcome to Green Class - Our group consists of eight children, seven boys and one girl, the Class Teacher, one Higher Level Teaching Assistant and two Teaching Assistants.

We communicate in various ways using different processes; verbally, high tech AAC devices, Makaton signing system, symbols and visual timetables.

Teaching and Learning

Our timetable consists of all core teaching and learning and assessment areas ensuring a broad and varied curriculum for our children to access and enjoy. The work we do enables the pupils to progress academically and pastorally allowing them to explore their potential to the fullest. 

Please see our weekly timetable attached below for a more detailed look at what the children do each week.

Green Class Timetable

Theme - Our Community

During this half term we will be exploring our local community. We will be learning about the key people in our community who help us; the police, fire service, postal workers, shop assistants, nurses, doctors and dentists. 

Through role play we will experience what these people do to help us and how we can use their services. Incorporated into this work will be cross-curricula links into numeracy, literacy, physical and personal development, for example, writing a letter to a friend, walking to the post office to buy stamps and posting it.

We are able to develop understanding of 'Our World' through Geography, History, Science and RE. We will look at and use maps to get to a place in our local community we would like to visit, identify plants, flowers and trees which grow in our local area, visit a place of worship and discover what Reigate looked like in the past and compare it with what it looks like now.

Art and music will be used to enhance our appreciation of our local community by collecting different things on a nature walk and then using them to create a piece of art. We will learn about the different types of music which are played by different groups and organisations and see if we can create our own Brooklands music. 

The pupils of Green class will also be planning, preparing and hosting an Easter party for their fellow school friends, developing their understanding and experience of being a part of the school community.

Please see below for an overview of the activities we have planned.


Community Activity Planner

Contact Details

If you need to contact the class, please use the new email address below:

Week Commencing 19/03/18 'Post Box'

This week the children walked to the local post box to post the invitations they had recently made. They are inviting their friends in Blue class to an Easter party in the final week of this half term.

Week Commencing 19/03/18 'Post Box'

Week Commencing 12/03/18 - Bee Bots

This week the children have been programming 'Bee-Bots' to deliver letters around Happy Land as part our theme work on 'Community'.

Week Commencing 12/03/18 - Bee-Bots

Week Commencing 05/03/18 - Postal Workers

This week we have been thinking about postal workers and their role in our community. We have made invitations to invite some of our school friends to an Easter party and we have practiced posting them before we do it for real next week.

Week Commencing 05/03/18 Postal Workers

Week Commencing 26/02/18 - Snow!

This week we enjoyed a snow fall at Brooklands. We took the opportunity to wrap up warm and go outside to play with the snow. We also experimented with turning the snow different colours using a water spray and food colouring.

Week Commencing 26/02/18 Snow!

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