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EYFS - Sun Class, Star Class & Moon Class

Sun Class is for children with complex needs. Star Class is for children who are on the Autistic Spectrum. Moon Class is for children who have have Speech Language and Communication difficulties, including those on the Autistic Spectrum. All three classes cater for children aged 2-5 (a mix of Nursery and Reception age children).
Sun Class has 12 children (some part time and some full time) - 5 girls and 7 boys. There are a maximum of 9 children per session with high staffing levels.
Star Class has 11 children (some part time and some full time) - 3 girls and 8 boys. There are a maximum of 7 children per session with 5 members of staff.
​Moon Class has 9 children (all full time) - 1 girl and 8 boys. There are 5 members of staff.
All classes benefit from a high level of therapy input - direct from therapists and through the delivery of programmes by class staff.


Debbie Nunn is the coordinator for the EYFS and can be contacted via email: