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EHCP Transfers

Transfer of Statements of Special Educational Needs

 to Education Health and Care Plans


The Department of Education require all children and young people with statements of SEN to be transferred over to the new Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) by April 1st 2018.


Local Authorities have been required to consult with education settings, parent carers and young people on a transition plan that sets out a timetable for these transfers. A series of consultations have taken place, with the main consultation workshop taking place on 25th September. The timetable for the transfer to EHCPs has now been published by the local authority and can be seen below.  The year groups have been identified to ensure as many pupils as possible are transferred to the new system in advance of entering a new phase of their education.



September 2014-15

September 2015-16

September 2016-17

September 2017-18

Statement of SEN transferred to EHCP



(pupils aged 3-4)


Year 1


Year 5





Year 1


Year 5





Year 5








Children and young people with statements will be transferred as they reach the year groups highlighted for 2014 to 2018. The transfer process must be led and initiated by the local authority, and follows a statutory timetable. If you have a pupil in the identified year group for transfer this academic year please note that the annual review will be replaced by an EHCP transfer meeting initiated by the local authority.


The transfer timetable has only just been received by the school so consequently several annual reviews for those groups transferring to EHCPs this year have already been scheduled this term and parents notified.  These parents will be contacted by the school within the next few days informing them that the scheduled annual review is now cancelled and they will be notified of the date for a transfer meeting once the local authority have provided this information.  To reiterate annual reviews for pupils in Nursery (aged 3-4), Year 1 and Year 5 groups scheduled for this term have now been cancelled and will be replaced by an EHCP transfer meeting.


Information detailing the process of transfer and the format of the new EHCP will be sent by the local authority in advance of the transfer meeting.


For those year groups not scheduled to transfer over to EHCPs this year Annual Reviews will be held as normal using the same process and focussing on the existing statement. 


For pupils in the Nursery who have yet to be assessed for a statement we would anticipate that their first assessment review will lead to a referral for an EHCP.  This is still to be confirmed by the local authority and we will of course pass on any information about new arrangements for the the pre-assessment process as we receive it.


The South-East Area SEN team are working with schools and parents to support the transfer process and detailed guidance is now available on the Surrey County Council website, accessed through the following link:


If you have any questions, queries or concerns please contact Mark Bryant (Headteacher) at the school.