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Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!


In Blue Class there are 10 children, 3 girls and 7 boys.  

We have a teacher and 4 assistants to help us learn.


We use symbols, Makaton, high tech AAC devices and our voices to communicate and visual timetables to support us during the day.

Our timetable for the Summer Term

Our Theme - School

For the first half of the Autumn term our theme is "School".

We will be exploring our school environment focusing what activities take place in different areas including the allotment, pond area and other classrooms. We will also spend some time looking at the people who work here. Looking at their roles and how they help us. This will include the nurses, our caretaker and office staff. We will also spend some time helping them and talking to them about their roles. I am sure the children will have lots of questions that they will want to ask.


We are hoping to get out and about into the community to look at other schools. We will start by walking and looking at another school and hopefully make a visit to another school.


As part of our History focus we will be having a Victorian day to look at what schools were like before Smartboards and Ipads. We will practice using chalk boards, washing and cooking and will give the children the opportunity to dress as a Victorian.


Throughout this theme we will be doing lots of creative activities including creating our 'idea' school through junk modelling, creating a yummy school dinner and designing a new school uniform.


Home Learning Suggestions

Just about everybody goes to school of has been to school at some point so here are some ideas for things to do at home ...

  • Do parents / carers have any "relics" of their school days? Pictures, books or even uniform that could be tried on.
  • What games did parents / carers play at school in the playground?
  • How do siblings schools differ from Brooklands? Especially if they are at secondary school.
  • There are lots of programmes that feature schools on TV, how are they different to Brooklands? Do they look good or bad?
  • Think about things that would be fun to do or study at school that that we don't do at the moment. We can try some of them out (if possible) during our theme sessions.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us then please email using the email address below.