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Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!


In Blue Class there are 10 children, 3 girls and 7 boys.  

We have a teacher and 4 assistants to help us learn.


We are a very sociable and energetic class who love to learn through exploring. In our class we work very hard and at a fast pace, so we might come home very tired. We use signs and symbols to help us communicate and visual supports to help with structures in our school routine, appropriate behaviour, dealing with our emotions and remembering information.

In our school day we work hard on our curriculum targets as well as using the SCERTS approach which helps us with our Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports. 

We are also working very hard on play skills, social skills and independent skills.




Our timetable for the Autumn Term

Our Theme - Toys

This half term our theme is "Toys".

We will be exploring lots of activities linked to toys which will fit well into the upcoming festive season. 

In our English lessons we will be looking at some of the popular books based on toys including Winnie the pooh, Pinocchio and many more. We will explore the characters and settings and the children will have an opportunity to write their individual stories about a favourite toy.


We will be spending time in our P.E lessons exploring some more physical activities including looking at ways we can move e.g. marching like toy soldiers or spinning like a ballerina.


We will also have the chance to play with toys which will give the children a great opportunity to learn and develop their play skills, including turn- taking, sharing and cooperative play.


The children in blue class love making things so we will be attempting to make toys including puppets, kites, boats and aeroplanes. 


We are hoping to develop some of our skills whilst out in the community and will be visiting a local park to fly our kites, visiting a charity shop to deliver some old toys and visiting another local school.


Please have a look at our class planner to get a better idea of some of the activities we have planned for this term.

Home Learning Suggestions

  • Talk to your children about what toys were your favourites from your childhood. Do you still have a favourite teddy or scalextric hidden in the loft?
  • Bring a favourite toy into school for a show and tell.
  • Look through a toy catalogue - cutting and sticking some of the favourite toys to make a collage or a christmas wish list.
  • Watch a film together about toys e.g. toy story - ask your child questions about the film and see if they can remember key features.
  • A great opportunity to clear out and sort your children's bedrooms - get your children to help put a few toys into a box to take along to a charity shop. Talk to the children about why you are doing this and why it is a good thing to do.
  • Puppet shows - has your child ever been to a puppet show? They can put on a puppet show for you or a sibling. Making stick puppets, sock puppets or backdrops in preparation. 


See the link below for more home learning ideas. We would love to see how you get on with these ideas - send some pictures through the home/school books or through our class e-mail address.

Home learning challenge

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