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Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class!


In Blue Class there are 9 children, 3 girls and 6 boys.  

We have a teacher and 4 assistants to help us learn.


We are a very sociable and energetic class who love to learn through exploring. In our class we work very hard and at a fast pace, so we might come home very tired. We use signs and symbols to help us communicate and visual supports to help with structures in our school routine, appropriate behaviour, dealing with our emotions and remembering information.

In our school day we work hard on our curriculum targets as well as using the SCERTS approach which helps us with our Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports. 

We are also working very hard on play skills, social skills and independent skills.




Our timetable for the Autumn Term

Our Theme - Community

For the second half of this term our theme is "Community".

We will be exploring lots of activities linked to our local community and we are hoping the Spring weather will be kind enough to us for when we are out and about in our community. 

We will be making shopping lists as part of our supermarket visit, making menus in our role play restauraunt and hoping to visit our local library.

We are going to be making story sticks when we go for our local walk and posting a letter home when we look at the journey of a letter.

We will be looking at some books linked to our topic including Michael Recycle and Fireman Sam. We will explore the characters and settings and the children will have an opportunity to write their individual stories about people who help us.


In maths we will be focusing on Money which we hope to put into practice on our visit to the local supermarket. We will also be be looking at maps when we are out and about.


We will be spending time in our P.E lessons exploring some more physical activities and this term we will be focusing on Gymnastics. We will also be using some of the larger apparatus.


We are hoping to develop some of our skills whilst out in the community and will be visiting a local park, fire station as well as having some visitors come in to talk to us about how they help us including nurses, dentist and police officers.


We will also be visiting our local church and look at how people in our community celebrate Easter, which will mean lots of cooking, crafts and easter egg hunts.


Please have a look at our class planner to get a better idea of some of the activities we have planned for this term.

Blue Class Planner

Home Learning Suggestions

  • Go for a walk in the local community - take a camera to take lots of pictures of the things you see on the way.
  • Where is your favourite place near to where you live? 
  • Write/draw a shopping list together before visiting a supermarket.
  • Talk about how we can help people in the community.
  • A great opportunity to clear out and sort your children's bedrooms - get your children to help put a few toys into a box to take along to a charity shop. Talk to the children about why you are doing this and why it is a good thing to do.
  • Visit your local library


See the link below for more home learning ideas. We would love to see how you get on with these ideas - send some pictures through the home/school books or through our class e-mail address.

Home learning challenge

Week commencing 21st May: We have been busy preparing for our royal wedding. The children really enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding on the smartboard and were able to ask and answer relevant questions as well as identify specific things. We have also been very creative this week making bunting and table decorations for our Royal Wedding. Blue class had an extra special job to decorate the wedding cake - they did a super job!

Week commencing 14th May: The children in Blue class have thoroughly enjoyed our focus on Fire fighters this week. We have been looking at the letter "F" in our phonics sessions and doing lots of number work. We have also been role playing fire fighter scenarios and enjoyed having Reigate fire brigade come in for a visit.

Week commencing 7th May: This week the children have been looking at people who help us in our community: Doctors and nurses. They have really enjoyed role playing in our doctors surgery that we set up and took turns to do different scenarios. It was really great to see the children use their imaginations and lots of fun was had. The children also attempted to name different parts of their bodies making their own body maps. We looked at why it is important to look after our bodies and to eat healthy and keep fit. In maths we have been looking at shapes and counting. In English the children have been working hard with their phonics and handwriting. We have also been developing our social skills by playing team games such as 'what's the time Mr Wolf'.

Week commencing 30th April 2018: This week we have continued to look at our recycling topic. We have looked at why it is so important to re-use plastic and explored different ways we can recycle our every day waste items. We also have been looking at how we can celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding and have been designing invitations for our very own 'Royal Wedding'.

Week commencing 23rd April. This week we have been looking how we can look after our community. We have been looking at recycling and how we can keep our community clean and tidy. The children have been brilliant at picking up rubbish in the sensory garden with the litter pickers and sorting the rubbish into categories. We have also opened up our snack shop and drink and snack time where the children have to practice paying for their drink and snacks. This also incorporates lots of life skills including communication skills, lining up and understanding the concept of shopping.

Week commencing: 16th April 2018.


What a busy week we have had for our first week back after the holidays.

This week we have been looking at people who help us in our community - dentists. The children have really enjoyed this and have been so eager to learn new things. We have been counting teeth in maths and making playdough teeth. In DT the children have made tooth fairy cushions which the children carefully sewed together. They all spent such long time concentrating on this and the results are brilliant.


We have also started stage 4 of Attention Autism bucket group. At this stage the aim is for the children to shift and re-engage their attention. The adult models a simple task and the children then goes off and completes the same task before returning. The children were all super stars with this and eagerly carried their finished tasks to me with pride. Well done Blue class.


We have also introduced the children to Read Write Inc. The children have really adapted well to this programme and are all so eager to do their phonics groups each day. 


Lastly, some of the children today took part in the Santander Road show and were brilliant singing and signing to the staff of Santander.


Well done Blue class

Week commencing: 26th April. This week we have been looking at local churches and how and why we celebrate Easter. We have been doing lots of arts and crafts and of course had an easter egg hunt. We were also delighted to receive an invitation from our friends in green class to join them for an Easter party..... We practiced our computer skills by "e-mailing" them our replies - we had so much fun :)

Week commencing 19th March: We have been super busy this week in Blue class. Our focus this week has been people who help us; police. The children have really enjoyed looking at what the police service do to help us. We have tried on police uniform and role played scenarios, used our detective skills by exploring our senses and made patterns with our finger prints. We also made magnifying glasses from different coloured cellophane. The children have also worked really hard on their scissor skills this week making police cars and cutting out disguises. One of the highlights of the week has been how well the children have been with their problem solving skills. Well done to Hollie our Blue class star of the week for her fantastic communication skills she has been verbally communicating brilliantly and using lots of new signs.

Week commencing 12th March: This week we have been looking at local supermarkets. The children enjoyed role playing supermarkets and very carefully made shopping lists. Unfortunately we did not get to visit a supermarket but the children were delighted when the items from their shopping lists arrived and they could make their sandwiches. We also explored colours and what happens when we mix colours. We did this by making coloured toast.

Week commencing 26th February: This week we have been looking at people who help us with a focus on postal workers. We looked at what they do and the journey of a letter. We also wrote a letter home but unfortunately due to the weather so we have had to postpone a walk to the postbox. We also made a post office out of a huge box which the children are very excited about using as part of role play.

Week commencing 19th February: As part of our community topic we have been looking at our school community. We explored different areas of our school and looked at how we could make them better. We also looked at people in our school community and baked cakes and made cards to say thank you.

Exploring our new 'Castle' as part of our topic work

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