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Annual Effectiveness Statement

Annual effectiveness statement July 2016.


As a school we are well on our journey now to becoming an outstanding school. We have built on the development point raised in the Ofsted inspection of July 2014 around pupil progress and have now had a year of our new primary curriculum. As governors we have been monitoring how the curriculum has been working through our Children and Learning Committee and we have been supporting the leadership team to develop assessment systems to meet the needs of our children rather than assessing the children using systems that are no longer appropriate. The school is building robust assessment systems suitable for all our children.


As a team of governors we are working effectively to provide support and challenge to the school leadership team. Governors come into school for various meetings and monitoring visits to further enhance their knowledge of what happens on a day to day basis. We continue to develop our focus so that we are operating ever more strategically as is required of governors and have had a training session this year to further develop this.


Earlier in the school year we spent some considerable time with the leadership team developing the vision for the school. Following a series of workshops and meetings the final statement was sent to all staff and parents for comments before it was adopted following many really positive comments from parents and staff. Thank you to everyone who responded.


As a governing body we have a duty to ensure that the budget remains balanced and this year has continued to see a real strain on the budget as costs increase and income does not. We have spent some considerable time looking at different ways to safeguard the budget position going forward and this will continue to be a challenge for us over the next few years.


To further develop the way that we as governors work we have now adopted a code of conduct which outlines the behaviour and professional conduct we should adopt when carrying out our governor roles. This also provides us with a strategy for dismissing governors falling short of the code.

Academies continue to be in the news and collectively we have had a workshop on what it might mean to be an academy as well as an in depth follow up discussion meeting, so that we are better informed. Additionally I and the Head teacher have met on many occasions to discuss ideas and developments with regards to this agenda. To date there have been a number of meetings that the head and/or chair have attended concerning special schools becoming academies to further develop our knowledge. This is clearly something that we will continue to look at in considerable detail as we move into the next school year.


The recent parent and staff surveys showed yet again, an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the school from both parents and staff. It is reassuring to us that both parents and staff are happy with what the school is trying to do and feel the school is in a very good place to ensure each and every child has the best opportunities for progress whilst at Brooklands School. It is a real testament to the commitment of the staff that so many parents feel so positive towards the school and what it is doing. As governors we are hugely impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the staff and what they manage to achieve on behalf of the children.


We said farewell to Peter Lambell earlier in the year (a governor for many years) and are in the process of recruiting a new governor to replace him. We were delighted to have so many expressions of interest for the parent vacancies caused by governors coming to the end of their terms of office. It is very encouraging that so many parents want to contribute to the strategic direction of the school that we had to hold a ballot – something many schools can only dream of!


The governing body remains committed to the children and staff at Brooklands School and will continue to provide both support and challenge to the leadership team in the interests of all the Brooklands Children. We are always happy to receive comments and suggestions through our parent champion – the email address is on the top of the newsletter each week.